Joseph Kelsall & Rachel HICKSON, & other British Army lines

Joseph Kelsall & Rachel Hickson line, or the 'Moultrie' line

Joseph Kelsall & Rachel HICKSON, & other British Army lines

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Trish & I have been working together for almost 25 years now, and stuck on the same brickwall as when we started, Lt Joseph Kelsall of the British Army.

Lt Joseph KELSALL, (1st Regt of Foot, 81st Regt of Foot, 8th Royal Veteran's Battalion)
married Rachel HICKSON of Ireland (c1764-1826)

and had issue:
1. Lt Col Joseph KELSALL (70th Regt) (1787-1863) m. Sarah HOLMES of Ireland (c1809- )
Descendants mainly in Ireland, England, USA and Canada

2. John KELSALL (1) (1789-1790)

3. William KELSALL (1792-1793)

4. Frances KELSALL (1793-1795)

5. Jane KELSALL (1799-1851) m. Tully DALY (Asst Surgeon, various regiments) (c1790-1829)
& had issue (descendants probably in Ireland/England)

6. Elizabeth KELSALL (1800- ) m. Avary JORDAN (Solicitor)
Descendants primarily in Ireland, and also Perth, Western Australia

7. Dr Henry KELSALL (Royal Navy) (1802-1874) m1. Susannah TRUMAN (c1808-1844)
Issue of one son, descendants in Perth, Western Australia

Dr Henry KELSALL m2. Louisa Jemima COCUM (c1818-1859), had issue of one dau, died unmarried in Perth, WA.

Dr Henry KELSALL m3. Eliza GRAHAM (c1813-1884), no issue

8. Col John KELSALL (83rd Batt) (1803-1880) m1. Annabella LIPSITT/LIPSETT (c1814-1832) (1 dau, died at/just after birth)
Col. John KELSALL m2. Anna CUNNABELL (1820- ) no issue

9. Capt Edward William KELSALL (70th Foot) (1808-1875) m. Susannah Caroline Larkins WALKER (1809-1884)
Descendants primarily in Australia (mainly Victoria, possibly WA and NSW)

Trish and I are descended from the youngest, Capt Edward William Kelsall & Susannah Caroline Larkins WALKER.
The descendants of Lt Joseph Kelsall & Rachel HICKSON number in the hundreds, although we have not been able to trace down some of the lines, particularly Ireland and USA at this stage.

The origins of Lt Joseph Kelsall have remained a mystery for the last 100+ years. In the pedigree book (compiled & published early 20thC) held at the Society of Genealogists in London, he is listed under "[of] Australia & Ireland" on page 37. The pedigree listed in this book does contain some inaccuracies on the line, and one of the sources of information was Col Joseph KELSALL, the grandson of Joseph & Rachel, as well as two other grandsons. In the notes on the origins of Joseph, several speculations are put forth -

1) "Kelsall", the father of Joseph K who married Rachel Hickson is believed by family tradition to have been a West India Merchant. This is our main line of enquiry at present, and seems to hold potential.

2) Another version is that he is the John K. who was Mayor of Chester 1767 This is disproven, the Mayor of Chester only had one daughter.

3) [scored out:] and possibly the father of .... K, whose Will was proved in 17.. 1788 The entry also mentioned that Joseph had had an argument with his family and ran away and enlisted - this appears to be true.

All the Kelsalls in the British Army (prior to WWI) can be put into two family groups, Joseph KELSALL & Rachel HICKSON, or John KELSALL & Lucretia MOULTRIE , as well as a third line primarily in the HEIC (East India Company) of John KELSALL & Alice MASKELYNE, later Thomas KELSALL and Sarah PHIPPS. All of these lines can be traced back to the mid 18thC, and it is our current hypothesis that all these lines would join in Chester/Cheshire between about 1650-1700, this is also our current line of research.
Joseph KELSALL (c1753-1841) and Rachael HICKSON (c1766-1828)
One of the two major "army" Kelsall lines.
Descendants in England, Australia, Ireland & Canada
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