Welcome to the Kelsall FH discussion group

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Welcome to the Kelsall FH discussion group

Postby Anne.Kelsall » Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:26 pm

* To bring together all Kelsall FH researchers, and help them connect together
* To generate discussion and research for possible strays
* To host a forum where more theories and discussions can be held, which is limited on other boards like Ancestry or Genforum etc

* Please be polite
* Please do not expect other researchers to do your research for you - this is a resource to help you make contact with other researchers, any help or look-ups they do for you are favours

* Please make use of the board's "signature" to signify which Kelsall line or location you are researching (you can add a "signature" in your profile, go to User Control Panel)
* Please be descriptive in your topic headings, so others can find your posts later (eg Joseph KELSALL (c1752-1841) m Rachel HICKSON)
* Currently I have a forum for detailed pedigrees, if you wish to put an overview of your pedigree in there. In your other posts about different individuals, you can put in a hyperlink to your pedigree post

In time, I may create an area of the website where you can upload your files (like wills etc).

For problems or questions, go to the Technical Help forum, and post your question. Any other member who can answer the question is welcome to do so

For suggestions for changes to this forum, please go to the Forum Suggestions

There are many settings in the Board software, so it may take a little while to get everything running as smoothly as it should.

I hope you find the Kelsall FH Forum helpful.
Joseph KELSALL (c1753-1841) and Rachael HICKSON (c1766-1828)
One of the two major "army" Kelsall lines.
Descendants in England, Australia, Ireland & Canada
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